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The Wallhouse Surgery

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Test Reults


To find out your test results please ring the surgery after 11-00am when lines are less busy and staff have had time to check both the morning post and our computer links with the Laboratory.


For reasons of confidentiality results will only be given to the patient concerned except in the case of children whose parents or guardian may be informed, or where prior consent has been given.


Please allow 5 days before ringing for your results unless otherwise indicated by your Doctor or Nurse. Cervical smear results may take up to 3 weeks. You will receive a letter notifying you of your smear result, even if normal. 


We do endeavour to contact you if any action needs to be taken because of a test result. However, it is not possible to contact patients about their normal results but we do encourage you to ring and check on these.


We may leave an answerphone message asking you to call the surgery, if we need you to contact us. We will do this if we are having difficulty reaching you and if we judge a message to be in your best interests. No medical information will be in such a message. If you do not wish us to leave any messages, please advise us in writing and we will mark this on your records.

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