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The Wallhouse Surgery

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To arrange a continuation of a MED 3 contact the surgery by telephone or via email.


The MED 3 can be requested a few days in advance of when it is due to run out, but they will not be issued to the patient until the new date it is due to run from.


The following information is required:

  • The dates the MED 3 to run from and to.
  • To inform us if it is  required for a  phased “return to work”
  • If patient has had surgery or they are going to the fracture clinic to ask the doctor treating at the hospital to complete a MED 3 for the whole time they expect the patient to be off


Please note, in some cases, your GP may ask to review you before completing a further MED 3.


Further guidance for patients – re SSP and self-certification


Guidance is available on Department for Work and Pensions at: http;//dwp.gov/uk/lifeevent/benefits/statutory_sick_pay.asphttp://dwp.gov.uk/lifeevent/benefits/statutory_sick_pay.asp


In particular the guidance reads “your employer cannot ask you provide a sick note for the first 7 days that you are sick”. They may ask you to fill in a self-certificate of their own or form SC2 which you can get from your employer or download on HM Revenue & Customs website.


In essence:

Days 1 to 3 - Waiting days, SSP does not apply

Days 4 to 7 inclusive - Self-certification with form SC2, or a Private Sick note   

Day 8 onwards -  MED 3


You do NOT require a MED 3 to return to work. There is a section on the form for the GP to confirm that you are fit to return to work. You are deemed fit once the MED 3 runs out.


There are no statutory requirements for a doctor’s sick note before day 8. If an employer would like confirmation that a patient has consulted with their GP about their symptoms and to confirm their support of their leave on health grounds, your employer can request this but this correspondence is not a service the NHS offers and is chargeable by invoice. The responsibility for this payment lies with the employer, not the employee whose rights to self-certify are enshrined by law.


MED 3’s are not applicable to children. Schools should contact us directly for medical notes with parental/guardian consent with the fee payable being borne by the school.

Generally it is not appropriate for schools to request sick notes and it is an inappropriate use of NHS resources for a child to take an appointment purely for this purpose. If guidance is needed for a school regarding a child with chronic illness we would of course co-operate with the school nurse in developing a health plan for the child.






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