Expedite your own referrals

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, current wait times for NHS outpatient appointments have increased significantly. When patients contact their local hospitals to find out when they might be seen, especially if they feel their symptoms and condition have worsened, they are often told to contact their GP for an ‘expedite letter’. This often causes frustration for you and the surgery as it rarely results in appointments being brought forward, with secondary care team having a final say when they triage the referrals, whether they were sent as ‘routine’ or ‘urgent’ by your GP.

Furthermore, it is difficult for your GP to measure to what extent your condition has worsened. We take your word for it and the hospital should be expected to do the same. When making decisions on who to prioritise, it is only possible for the hospital to compare you and your need with all other patients on their waiting list.

We have created a template letter for you to use if you want to inform the hospital of a change in your circumstances. Please download the template and complete with your details, explaining how your symptoms have changed since the referral. Edit the ‘greyed out’ texts in the Word document with the necessary details and post the letter to Outpatient Appointments (if waiting for first appointments) or to your Consultant’s Secretary (for follow up care).


Patient expedite letter

PDF, 430.3 KB

Published on 9 April 2024