Private Work List


Requests are to be emailed or written ( 

Payment will be taken after acknowledgment of request and a fee has been set. This can be taken in cash or va card in person or over the phone. We can also send you a secure link to pay if you would prefer.

Private Sick Certificate     £35

GP certification OR witnesssing a signature    £55

Firearms Licence Form     £140

Private prescriptions    from £25.00

Basic Private Letters   £40-£45

Complex Letter for any reason    £60-£100

Any claim form (Holiday, insurance, sickness, accident, medical cover, ppp etc)     £50.00

Advanced claim forms      £87.50-£120.00


Medical exam and standard report  (Taxi, HGV, PSV/LGV, DVLA)     £140.00

Proforma report - no examination 20 minutes     £140.00

Detailed medical report, no examination 30 minutes   £175.00

Comprehensive Medical exam and report >30 minutes    £220.00

Insurance Medical       £210.00

Foster medical form update with examination     £220.00

Foster medical form without examination   £120.00

Application to join forces (police, army) BASIC    £90.00

Application to join forces (MOD etc) COMPLEX   £140.00

ECG Recording (non NHS)    £85.00

DNA Blood Test  £50.00  (£175-£250 if exam needed)

DNA test swab £30.00

The fees listed are on advice from teh BMA suggested rates and are updated reguarly. This list in not exaustive. Any non NHS work not on this list will be chargeable. 

Current rates are from June 2023