Sick Note / Med 3 / FIT Note Policy


Please self certify in first 7 days. After that a GP may be able to issue a MED3 (fit note).

We would always first consider issuing a MED 3 (may be fit to work) to support your employer to make adaptations to help you stay in work.

If it is not appropriate for you to work the GP may issue a MED 3 (not fit to work). If you become fit to work before the end date on your MED3 you DO NOT need a return to work note.

You can return to work when you are able. If employers choose to ask for a private sick note to cover the first 7 days off work or a return to work letter then this is a private service which attracts a fee.

We are currently working with the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) We are currently working with the DWP to help patients with chronic or long-term conditions to get back to work. Our DWP Support Worker is a wealth of knowledge about financial support available to you, and to ensure that your employer is helping you to the best of your ability. We may request that you have an appointment with a member of this team at the practice before completing repeat fit notes

Please inform your employer and the fee is to be paid prior to issuing the note. Please not the MED3 is intended for those in employment. This does not cover children and any notes requested by schools requiring a sick note also attract a fee as private work.